Listing of available Drug Tests:

1. Standard Drug Testing:
2. Non-D.O.T Outside Laboratory-Pacific Toxicology
3. Department of Transportation Drug Test
4. Random consortium - Tri- Industrial Medical Center
5. Breath Alcohol Testing Non-Drivers
6. Breath Alcohol Testing D.O.T

Drug Testing Procedures:

A. Rapid Drug-In-House Testing-Non Drivers

Immediate Results if negative
Results In 24 Hours if pending conformation
1. Application identified by photo I.D. or company rep.
2. Drug screen questioner completed stating any medications or alcohol use.
3. Drug test consent form completed with identifying information.
a. Social Security Number
b. Name
c. Company
d. Signature of donor
4. All outside clothing and articles are removed ex: Jackets, purses, hats, bags
5. Donor washes hands.
6. Sealed container is opened in presence of donor and given to donor.
7. collector checks restroom. Restroom meets regulations for collection.

a. No running water in sink.
b. Blue coloring agent in toilet.
c. Toilet tank sealed with security tape.

8. Donor instructed o exit restroom immediately and not to flush toilet.
9. Temperature and quantity verified by collector,
a.If within range, sample is tested.
b.If outside range and/or quantify
c.If second sample is not acceptable or not obtained, company contact is    informed of situation and will instruct us to continue or cancel test in
   pre-employment cases. All other cases, ex: random, reasonable suspicion,    post accident, follow-up are mandatory by company policy.
10. Any sample that is inconclusive is sent to the outside lab for confirmation and sealed in        the presence of the donor for transportation to the laboratory.
11. Excess sample is discarded and restroom checked.

NON-D.O.T outside laboratory - Pacific toxicology

Results within 24 hours if negative.
24-72 hours if pending confirmation by GCMS
1. I.D. Verified
2. Drug and alcohol questionnaires is completed by donor.
3. Laboratory chain of custody form completed and signed b y donor and collector.
4. Seals initialed by donor.
5. Donor washes hands. Restroom checked.
6. Collection kit opened in donor's presence.
7. donor sent to restroom with instructions of:
a.Amount of sample required
b.Exit restroom as so on as possible.
c. Do not flush toilet.
e. If acceptable, sample is poured into containers, containers are sealed in     presence of donor and packaged for shipment to lab.
8. Donor copy given to donor or according to company protocol.
9. Company copies sent back by donor or mailed.

Department of Transportation drug Test
Our Lab: Results received within 24 hours and confirmed by our medical review officer.

Collection and handling: Collection of samples for outside laboratories contracted by various companies.

Pre-Employment Post Accident
Random Reasonable Suspicion
Follow-up Return to Duty

1. I.D Verified.
2. Questionnaire completed by donor.
3. Chain of custody form and kit obtained.
4. Donor taken in for collection.
5. Donor verifies his information.
6. Donor removes all articles, ex: Jackets, purse, hats., and washes hands.
7. Sealed kit opened in presence of donor and instructions given. Amount     required explained and told to exit as soon as possible.
8. Sample is checked for Temp. and amount needed.
9. If acceptable, sample is poured into containers and sealed, donor washes     hands.
10.Sample bag or box is sealed in donors presence.
11.Donor completes their section of chain of custody form and given the      donor copy.
12.Company copy is sent with donor, mailed, or faxed according to company
13.Sample is placed for laboratory pickup or packaged for shipment by air      courier.

Random consortium-tri-industrial medical center

a. Consortium consist of drivers of companies and independent self operators.
b. Quarterly selection-timing of test during each quarter caries to prevent
     anticipation by drivers.
c. Drivers are entered into computer by social security numbers. Random     selection software of computer randomly selects a percentage of the pool
    mandated by F.H.W. A./D.O.T.
d. Company contacts and self operators are sent written notification of which
    of their drivers have been selected and for drug, alcohol, or drug and alcohol
    testing. Drivers are in a separate data bank for drug test and alcohol test.
    So, it is possible for a driver to be selected at all. If not selected, you are still
     in compliance because you were available for selection.
e. Date , time of arrival, time sample obtained, time of departure are recorded.
    Test results and failure to appear are recorded for D.O.T inspections and
    annual reports.
f. Supervisor training classes for reasonable suspicion are offered.

Annual program fee (excludes testing)
1. Seventy-five (75.00) dollars for single driver
2. One Hundred-Twenty Five (125.00) dollar's for two or more
g. Drivers should report immediately or as soon as possible upon your
    notification to the driver. Random testing can also be done after 8:PM and
    weekends by calling the clinic number before coming to the clinic. The on-call
    technician will meet employee at the clinic.

Breath Alcohol Testing Non-Drivers
Results within 24 hours if negative.
24-72 hours if pending confirmation by GCMS
1. I.D. Verified
2. Non-D.O.T. Form completed.
3. fifthteen minute waiting period if donor is eating, smoking, chewing gum,
    eating candy, etc.
4. Donor signs consent and information entered into machine.
5. Donor instructed to blow into mouth piece at a steady page until technician
    instructs donor and technician.
6. Print out obtained and signed by donor and technician.
7. Information written onto form and signed by donor and technician.
8. If 0.00 - 0.07 test is completed.
9. If 0.08 or above - confirmation test is to be performed remain in sight of
    technician or company representative.
10.Machine is calibrated again before confirmation test.
11.Confirmation test performed, forms, are completed, results.
12.Donor is given copy and company contact informed of results.
13.Company must not allowed driver to drive if test is 0.08 or above, must be
    given a ride home to prevent liability to company.

Breath Alcohol Testing - D.O.T.
Results within 24 hours if negative.
24-72 hours if pending confirmation by GCMS

a. Instrument: Intoxilyzer 200 by C.M.I. Inc.

Trained and certified breath alcohol technicians.
Random Post Accident
Follow-up Reasonable Suspicion
Return to Duty  
b. Procedure:
a. Identification verified by photo or company representative.
b. D.O.T. form started
   (fifthteen minute waiting period if donor is eating, smoking, eating    candy or breath mints, chewing gum.)
c. Information entered into analyzer.
d. Donor instructed to exhale into mouth piece until technician says
    to stop.
e. Print out of results obtained and signed by donor and technician
    verifying test is that of donor.

0.00 - 0.01, Test is completed.
0-02 - 0.03, Test is completed. Donor and company advised not to performed safety sensitive operations until a follow-up test of 0.02 or less is obtained or twenty four hours have elapsed since violation.

0.04 and above - conformation test must be performed after fifteen minute waiting period. Donor must remain within sight of technician or company representative (reasonable suspicion). Donor informed - No drinking, smoking, eating during this waiting period.

- Machine is re-calibrated.
- After fifteen minutes, confirmation test is performed. Forms are
  completed, donor copy issued and company contact informed.
-If 0.04 or above, donor must not be allowed to drive. Must be
  given a ride.